Book Review: Nighty Night!

So, I’ve recently discovered that books are actually pretty cool. And not just for chewing either. The pictures are funky and when you give them to Mummy and Daddy you get to listen to a story. I’ve even found out that I can sit and look at them by myself and tell the story my way which is usually much better than the author.

Because of this, me and Mummy reckon it would be a good thing to tell anyone who’s reading this about our favourite books. We’re starting with this one, Nighty Night, because it’s one of the best books and I love reading it at night time. Mummy says if you want to buy it, you can get to Amazon here. She also says it’s by someone called Colin McNaughton. Apparently it’s important to tell people who wrote books if you like them so they can go and buy them too.

Littlesaurus is soooo cool. He is a total rebel and refuses to comply with expectations like going to bed when he’s told. He resists every tactic and is not afraid to speak his mind despite the opposition.

*Spoiler alert! Sadly, he does give in eventually and goes to sleep after being told off good and proper. But he still has the last word because he sneaks in between Mummy and Daddysaurus and finishes the night off with them. This is great, because I love doing this and now it’s endorsed by literature!

Mummy and Daddysaurus are really good because they’re just like my Mummy and Daddy, they even lose their rag like mine do. But they are still lovely and snuggly at the end, just like mine. I love the pictures, they’re really bright. And it’s really good fun copying the story, I can remember most of it off by heart now, and I’m only two and a half.

I reckon if you want to learn how to wind up Mummy and Daddy before going to bed, this is a book to learn from. Tips from an expert. Just don’t cave like he does…

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