Political leanings?

OK, I may be a tad young to have developed any serious political ideas (other than the fact that I will rule the world one day), but I believe I may be an anarchist.

Rules were made to be broken!

It’s true, really. Rules were put in place by Mummy and Daddy as an arbitrary limitation on my new-found freedom and I’m not having any of it. I mean, playing with the door has done me no harm yet, other than one or two nipped fingers, and what’s that in the scheme of things? I haven’t seriously damaged the DVD player yet. And I’m sure those little holes in the wall aren’t really all that dangerous.

So I am working on ways of circumventing (aren’t you impressed by my vocabulary? I am only just one after all) the rules and restrictions put in place by Big Brother (aka Mummy and Daddy). I can’t decide on my first project though. Is it getting down the stairs or sticking stuff into the holes in the wall? In the meantime though, I’ll just keep playing with the DVD player. That really drives them nuts.


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