ok, I have discovered a way of getting anything out of mummy and daddy (yes, another way). I have learned to blow kisses! The silly things melt every time I do it, so I think I can use this in just about any situation, as long as I don’t overkill it. Note to self: do not do kissing on demand. Must hold it for special situations. They are still in awe about the whole walking around by myself thing (which I have to admit is really very clever, if I do say so myself) so I can keep this in reserve.

Couple of other things to note: apparently, because I pretend to hold a phone up to my ear, I am officially a genius. (Mummy’s words, not MENSA’s or anything like that. I suppose it’s the same thing.) Mummy and Daddy were impressed when I did that with my toy phone, but when I held up my fist without an actual phone there, they were just about ready to fall over. Get this – I am developing my imaginative play! How clever am I?

Finally, Noah’s Ark is fantastic. I mean seriously, this was invented by a genius. Doors to open, lots of little animals to put in and out, a big boat that pushes along – what more does a little boy need?


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