I can walk!!!!

I kind of started to get the hang of it last week. Mummy mentioned that I only had a few hours left if I was going to walk without support before my birthday (so? chill Mummy) so I thought I would keep her happy and did a few steps. I’ve been quite amused by how excited the pair of them get, bless their cotton socks, when I just did a couple of steps a day during the week. If I get that much applause, I thought, for just a couple of steps, what will I get for doing some proper walking? You know, actually balanced and getting somewhere as opposed to just tottering a bit then falling onto Mummy or Daddy? This had to be worth a few chocolate Buttons at least, thinks I! So I tried it today. I must have done a marathon. All over their bedroom, the full length of the hallway (and that’s a good distance, not just in baby terms mate!). And what did I get? Nowt! Oh yes, some lovely cheers and claps and “Aren’t you a clever boy”s. Any buttons? You guessed it. So what would you have done? That’s right! As soon as they got out the video camera I pretended I didn’t have a clue what walking was. That’ll teach ’em. Get the Buttons out next time people and you might just have yourselves a movie deal.


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