Bigger update!

I have even more new skills! This last couple of days has been a revelation. Not only can I now use my legs for crawling (as well as kicking Mummy and Daddy in the face when they’re trying to sleep, but I can stand on them too!

I have lately discovered what we knowledgeable folk call windows. These are amazing huge screen tv’s where you can see people and cars moving around. Sometimes the people even wave back at you! OK, the picture’s not the most exciting most of the time (not as good as when Mummy puts ER on the little tv) but hey beggars can’t be choosers . Until now I have been limited to rolling towards them and shouting until Mummy or Daddy pick me up to look at them but now! I can CRAWL towards them and then STAND up to bang on the windows until people look at me! I have the power!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the mobility of crawling with the freedom of standing? You’d think someone would have thought of that. Oh well, just give me time…


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