Book Review: Stick Man

It’s book review time again. Mummy took me to the library the other day – can I just say, wow! There’s hundreds and millions of books and you just take them away. You don’t give them any money, you just give them a special card and that’s it. More people need to know about this, […]

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Book Review: Nighty Night!

So, I’ve recently discovered that books are actually pretty cool. And not just for chewing either. The pictures are funky and when you give them to Mummy and Daddy you get to listen to a story. I’ve even found out that I can sit and look at them by myself and tell the story my […]

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Hiya I’m Daniel or DC and this is a journal of my miraculous journey as I discover the world. Or something like that.

I could say I’m currently 2 years, 5 months and 26 days, but that would be silly. So I’ll just say my birthday was July 2007 and let you do the maths. Honestly, do I have to do everything round here?

All you really need to know is I’m incredibly gorgeous, currently an only child (king of the hill. the way I like it.), and I’m always one step ahead of Mummy and Daddy. Let’s face it, aren’t all babies? Admit it.

UPDATE: There appears to be some talk of a baby sister appearing some time. It better not want to share my room, that’s all.

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